To my dear diaries, who left me too:

One day a child of sensation got the idea of scribbling the painful notes on the blank pages of a diary. Years passed away. She kept on writing and there came an end to it. Writer’s block was always there but she struggled to continue to paint her feelings on the deserted pages. So, then she bought another diary, smaller than the previous one. Yet, full of love and expression. I named those books My Dear Diaries.

You My Dear Diaries: You reached to your owner. You are back to where you have to stay always. I borrowed you for some time, to spend my days. You were and are still my best friends. I feel lonely without you. I miss you a lot. I wish I had the courage to adopt you two forever, for life. But you were never mine. You were always his and to him you returned. I loved you with all my heart and so i left you…..and do you know Dear Diaries: that’s exactly what he did to me! He loved me with all his heart and then left me in someone’s hand. So, i can feel your pain. I am sorry…. I am really sorry. Please do keep me alive in your inked pages.

Your friend

The Loneliest M

01: 45 pm

12 Oct, 2017


2 thoughts on “Letter to Dear Diaries

  1. Asalam o alkm. Hope you are fine 🙂 But after reading this i think you aren’t fine enough.
    (You My Dear Diaries: You reached to your owner. You are back to where you have to stay always. i borrowed you)…. I should be capital after full stop ./

    Well, yes when some one leaves you, the pain is unstoppable, unbearable. And this sort of pain can’t be expressed, can’t be written on deserted pages. I am sure you can make a book having 100 volumes, each volume contains 100 pages and each page contain 100 lines and each line contains 100 words. Still it won’t be enough to express that kind of pain.

    But i believe, it’s the pain who makes you a perfect human. Happiness are necessary for our life, but pain is necessary to learn how to survive in this life. Both are compulsory to each other, if there is happiness then there will be pain. And some times, and i must say most of the times, each happiness is followed by pain and each pain is followed by happiness.

    Once again and as always, outstanding work by you. Keep it up and keep going.
    From your biggest and oldest fan ( I think )
    Escobar Pablo.


  2. Jazak’Allah for the correction Pablo.
    Indeed, where there is joy there is pain.
    Thank you for keeping up my hope and motivation.

    And indeed I remember you very well.
    I am humbled for your generosity dear.



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