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Rishta Parade

A poem to which every Asian girl can relate herself. The worst dilemma of our societies, long list of wishes and no counting of heart. My dear girls, i can understand your pain. Just don't lose faith. Be strong. Every girl is pretty, every eye is a pearl, every heart a diamond. ❤

Iqbal’s Shaheen Has No Freedom

Today is Allama Iqbal’s Birthday and it is near to end, but he has stay alive and will always remain alive through his masterpiece works in poetry, for Pakistan’s nation, for youth and for Muslim Ummah. We love you Iqbal ❤


Iqbal is an icon not only for Pakistani nation but for all those people who have struggled to gain freedom from colonials. Shaheen, a bird which is found in the region of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and SiriLanka mostly was symbolized by the great philosopher as Muslim Youth. Iqbal’s Shaheen is strong, daring and creative. They have a set destiny. Iqbal believed that these are the young people who can take any nation out of misery. Since they are young, they are determined and passionate to work out on contemporary issues. To solve them with ease at their earliest. They have big aims, they fly high in the sky, lives on the highest peaks but dive deep down to prey small animals. According to other historians, Iqbal’s Shaheen is a Marde Momin, a true Muslim and a man who is self-reliant. They have a constant focus towards their destiny.

Iqbal praised his…

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And I wrote about Love…

John Keats said 'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,' - that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.' He was right, but there is much more to Love. In this short article you'll come across different meanings of Love. One day all your loved ones' will leave you for the good, this will be quite hurting but then still I will say, 'let the Love whisper you its miracle.'