the Fall

She took a cold breath, as if the cold breaths give a sound of healing. Lying under the blankets, reading stories and hearing the murmurings’ voices in the distance, she could tell what would befall next. That night begins with uneasiness. Meanwhile, something started to grow inside her soul. By the morning, it evolved into […]

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Random Thoughts

I do not always feel like writing but, writing is the best friend I have from ever. Whenever, I do not feel like sharing myself verbally. I would like to talk to myself and express my thoughts on a piece of paper. It is good to talk to yourself…

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I am Alone

  I got upset Looked around for empathies Looked around for friends… Looked around for family Looked around for Love The surrounding was crowded With number of known people Yet, I am Alone. I got depressed Fell down low Went to seek some help Went in search of cure Looked around for people And yet, […]

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